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Helping Postpartum Moms Heal Their Bodies So They Can Get Their Body Back...Naturally!

What If You could lose the baby weight and feel confident in your body again in just 4 weeks

Are You A Breastfeeding Mom Who Is...

> Constantly hungry?

> Too tired to even take your kids to the playground?

> Constantly reaching for something sweet to satisfy your cravings?

> Always reaching for the quickest fix (FOOD) to give you energy?

> Always wondering when that next nap will be?

> Avoiding seeing yourself in the mirror or family pictures?

> Feeling stuck and depressed with your postpartum body?

Postpartum moms are ready to lose the baby weight so they follow diets while breastfeeding --but, there's a huge problem. 

Those diets aren't designed for breastfeeding moms. 

Moms don't have time to research and find a diet that is going to maintain their milk supply and get them results, am I right?

Fortunately for you, I've found a formula that works...



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This 40 Page Breastfeeding Plan Provides A Detailed Outline And Gives You Everything You Need To Know 


Healthy Meals & Supplementation Tips

Nutrition plays a critical role in weight loss. What you put into your body is what you will get out of it. I lay it all out for you: shopping lists, key postpartum supplements, appropriate portion sizes, and a balanced approach to eating every meal.


Convenient Shopping Lists

Save time and energy with prepared shopping lists, so you know exactly the types of foods that will get you results FAST and leave you with more ENERGY.


Week-by-Week Training Program

The program is broken down into 4 weeks. For each week, you will create a Goal and follow an Action Plan to achieve that goal. Do no more and no less! You will be amazed at how great you feel and the progress you make EACH week.


Lifestyle Tips

Poor sleep and lots of stress can keep you holding on to weight, no matter how hard you're trying to lose it. You only have so many hours to sleep as a mom, make the most of them by learning a few simple bedtime routine tips for better rest and stress management techniques to maintain your sense of peace.


Encouragement and Motivation

I understand how stuck you may feel, but happiness starts with you! After all, you're a mother. You play an important role in your children's lives. I want you to overcome these symptoms and get back to living your healthiest life possible! Join other moms in our members-only community!


Exercise Guide - Abs, Core, Pelvic Floor, and More

Created in partnership with a Certified Postpartum Exercise Specialist, this guide will teach you which exercises are right based on your stage of postpartum. Avoid injury and experience the best results. Start with a diastasis recti test, breathing, and pelvic floor strengthening. Includes bonus sample workouts!

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who is this program for?

Moms struggling with postpartum weight loss (little or no progress while breastfeeding)

Moms who have breastfeeding cravings (more than in pregnancy!)

Moms with a lack of confidence and poor self-image after having a baby

Moms experiencing hormone imbalances (weight gain, acne, tiredness, groggy)

Moms experiencing depression or anxiety

Moms who can't control their hunger

Moms with a lack of energy and unable to keep up with their kids

Regain your confidence, lose weight, and feel like yourself less than 4 weeks!

Like most breastfeeding moms, maybe you've already tried...

>> Searching the internet for "how to lose weight breastfeeding"

>> Copying other moms' routines after seeing their before and after progress pictures

>> Following the 'advice' people give about drinking a protein shake, tossing lemon in your water, or cutting calories 
...and nothing is working!
That's because your body needs to run on something else entirely. 
Let me explain...

Someone once told me "you'll drop all the weight while breastfeeding" and that I'd have plenty of energy to chase my toddler around and go for a walk. But, truth be told, I felt so exhausted all the time I couldn't even go for a walk.

After my son was born, I was looking for a diet safe for breastfeeding that was going to magically take me out of feeling run down all the time and help me lose weight. I tried all the things...cutting calories, doing 20 minute HIIT workouts every day, eating lactation energy balls, drinking a pot of coffee...


and I still had 3 p.m. crashes.

What I was told was all wrong.

Then, I discovered how to find the energy to do the cleaning and cooking, manage a growing business, raise my spirited kiddo (and 3 dogs), and be the energetic wife that could stay up after the baby went to bed, all while ditching the pot of coffee. And surprisingly, I even dropped more than 50 pounds while breastfeeding (From 235 pounds after my son was born ==> 178 pounds and counting...and I'm 5'10").

Now as a Health Coach and Lactation Consultant for moms, I can show you how to heal your body from the inside out, by making lifestyle and food choices that give you energy all day long and help you feel confident in your body.

"This is exactly what I needed to jumpstart my weight loss after having my third baby." - Eva, Mom of 3

Just imagine what life will be like when you have the energy and confidence to do what you really love instead of Hiding From the mirror all the time...

💖playing on the floor with your kids

💖having playdates with other moms

💖vacationing with friends, or...

💖wearing anything you want in your closet without stressing about it fitting!

Mother and baby on light background

you can lose weight while breastfeeding without...


spending hours in the kitchen to create a healthy meal...

wasting money on energy drinks...
losing your milk supply.

The only program designed for breastfeeding moms by a breastfeeding mom, Health Coach, and lactation consultant        

This is the only natural solution designed specifically to help breastfeeding moms lose weight, have more energy, and cut the cravings, so you have more confidence in your body!

This is not just another fitness pro program labeled "safe for breastfeeding moms..."


Because you CAN lose weight while breastfeeding when you have the right plan.

get rid of the cravings


What we put in our bodies is what we get out of it. You'll find multiple food categories to pick from so it's super easy to make a healthy meal, shopping lists, and the right portion sizes of each type of food so you don't have energy crashes and you feel satisfied.

sleep like a baby


Feeling sleep-deprived? Even though you're resting, you may not be getting the quality of sleep you need to repair and rest your body. Make the most of the sleep you can get as a breastfeeding mom with a routine that will give you the shut-eye you need to keep up with your kids without having to nap with them every day.

balance your hormones


Our hormones are out of sync after a baby. Feeling stressed or anxious? Having cravings for sweet or salty things? Not feeling rested? These could all be symptoms of a hormonal imbalance. This program will teach you how to balance your hormones so you'll feel less stressed... emotionally, and physically. 

No one tells us how hard pregnancy is and no one tells us how hard postpartum is...but there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Get your confidence back and stop missing out on playing with your kids and capturing those special memories. 

"I love all the printables and templates that come with the Success Guide. These really help me stay on track." - Mary, Mom of 2


A 40-page Success Guide to walk you step-by-step, week-by-week with everything you need to know and the exact steps to take in order to wake up in the morning feeling confident and energized in your body.  
A 4-week plan in 4 simple steps: 
>>Week 1: NUTRITION- A simple nutrition plan to give you energy without the complicated recipes.
>>Week 2: MINDSET- Hacks and trackers to keep you motivated and to cut the cravings.
>>Week 3: LIFESTYLE- Managing sleep, stress, and hormones so you can feel like yourself again.
>>Week 4: EXERCISE- Heal your body after pregnancy and ease back into an exercise routine.
When you follow this simple program, you'll be amazed at how healthy you feel in your body and all the energy you have!

Here's a Sneak Peek of the success guide...

success guide teaser

Easy, actionable steps for weight loss and energy that lasts all 4 weeks or less!

plus, you get these amazing bonuses!


Stretches to fix neck pain/poor posture from nursing

Are you experiencing poor posture or neck pain as a result of nursing your little one? It's actually very common, and Dr. Jeffrey Glover, Chiropractor and Sports Physician, shares 2 simple stretches that can help fix poor posture and get you standing up straighter. You'll get access to a short video training you can implement right away.


Exercise Guide - abs, core, pelvic floor and more

Are you sabotaging your weight loss efforts by stressing your body with high-intensity exercise? Focus on your breathing, healing any pelvic floor, or diastasis recti issues using this guide. Then, follow the sample workouts to ease back in so you don't injure yourself. Exercise is totally optional in the Healthy Body After Baby program, you'll still see results without doing it. 


'overcome your CRAVINGs' SWAP GUIDE

Is your sweet tooth getting the best of you? Constantly reaching for the cookies? This cravings guide will help you identify what is causing your cravings so you can conquer them for good. Knowledge is power! The more you know, the better you can do.


'healthy choices on the go'

The ultimate dining out guide with a substitution list and tips so you can still make healthy choices on the go! Don't let a lack of time to prepare a meal at home keep you from eating food to fuel your body so you can have energy that lasts all day.


'21 practical ways to reduce stress' guide

Constantly feeling stressed out? Life out of control? Use these 21 practical ways to reduce stress, even as a busy mom. Includes 3 powerful breathing techniques too!


'confident body in 5 minutes' meditation

This is a meditation that you will get that is geared toward improving your self-image. Happiness starts with you. Loving your body today is so important for feeling confident in your skin after a baby. Use this short and simple meditation while you're nursing your baby in the morning, and you'll instantly feel better about your body.

Healthy Body After Baby

A 4-Week Program for Breastfeeding Moms with Community Support and Accountability... And Without Complicated Meals or Crazy Exercise!

4-Week Healthy Body After Baby Program Success Guide (Value $497)

Nursing Posture Fix Stretching Video (Value $297)

Exercise Guide- Abs, Core, Pelvic Floor & More (Value $297)

Overcome Your Cravings Swap Guide (Value $147)

Healthy Choices on the Go (Value $47)

Confident Body in 5 Minutes Meditation (Value $147)

Access to the Members-Only Community (Priceless)

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Total Value = ($1,432)

Today's price = $27

see what mamas are saying!

"Wow! I’m completely blown away by the presentation and ease of the plan. Jada has everything covered, delicious recipes, and even down to what exactly to shop for so I’ll also be saving money shopping!

My first breastfeeding experience was a struggle as I had no idea where to begin or what certain foods boost supply, but this plan leaves no room to question. There are delicious snacks to keep me going throughout the day and I love that the recipes are family-friendly - even though my husband isn’t breastfeeding I know he’s going to enjoy the recipes."

- brittney, mama of 2



"Jada is incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to health and nutrition. Whether you’re pregnant, breastfeeding, or just looking to live a healthier lifestyle, she has the knowledge and resources to help you reach your goals. She has been amazing to work with and I would recommend her 100%."

- kyla, mama of 2

You only have one chance to be a healthy and happy mom for your kids...

healthy body after baby

So if all this did was help you fit back into those pre-pregnancy jeans, would it be worth it?  

Total Value = ($1,432)

Today's price = $27


frequently asked questions

What if I'm a busy mom and don't have a lot of time?

No worries mama, that's why I made this program super simple and easy to implement. Each week, you'll learn new skills and knowledge that you can easily implement using all the templates and trackers provided. All you need to do is follow it week-by-week. You don't even have to do the exercises to see results.

What do I get when I purchase the program?

You'll get an email with immediate access to the Healthy Body After Baby Program Success Guide AND all the bonuses to download with actionable steps you can begin taking steps today to better your health.


If you are breastfeeding, you'll find that this nutrition plan will boost and promote a healthy milk supply.

Can I use this program if I'm vegan, vegetarian, or have food allergies?

Yes! This program is specifically designed for moms who have to be on special diets due to health or breastfeeding concerns. I give you plenty of foods to choose from, so you'll definitely find something on the list. The program is so adaptable to your needs, you can pick the foods you can eat as long as they are quality, real foods.

Can this help me if I'm not breastfeeding?

Yes, absolutely! You'll find breastfeeding references throughout the materials, but you can definitely still implement the principles to better your health either way!  -  All Rights Reserved  -  Terms & Conditions

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